Sunday, February 15, 2009

ASG Weekend

Caught part of the Dunk Contest last night when I was out to a pretty strange valentines day dinner-- its about time the NBA let Dwight bust out the 12 foot hoop-- he's been trying to do that for a few years now. I guess Kudos to the league for letting themselves go a little bit, the NFL could really benefit from that kind of thing. Also, I really thought the Krypto-Nate thing was an awesome idea even if his agent was the brainchild behind it (there's such a stigma from being a 10 percenter-- even your cool ideas are scoffed at publicly). Although I guess when your most successful colleagues are scumbags like Senor Rosenhaus and the Potsons it sort of makes sense.

if you haven't heard of Blu he's a pretty talented rapper from LA who sort of looks like Spanish from Old School-- his new mixtape came out yesterday and if you like "hip-hop" or "Rap Music", or "Noise" at all you should check it out. He's sort of a neo-Mos Def, too smart to get play but too talented too ignore. He doesn't have this kind of crossover potential though:

Here's the link:

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